Customer or Client experience is the overall experience of a client based on their interaction with your organisation’s teams when accessing a service from you.  

It generally involves providing potential and existing customers with exceptional services by identifying their needs, responding to their queries and collaborating with the internal customers to optimise the clients’ services and awareness. Such experience can be measured as a way the client or customer perceives their initial and subsequent interactions with your organisation thus contributing to the overall experience.

Customer and clients are increasingly able to switch to better alternatives if your organisation does not meet their expectations. In addition, the growth of e-business has given people a wide scope of choice on whom to interact or do business with, which in turn has shown the need for organisations to foster quality customer service both in virtual and physical engagements. 

Quality service delivery helps in improving the reputation of your business, promoting customer loyalty, and creating a positive experience for your customers and clients.

How can you become a great service provider to your client?

What you say matters

Finally, we all know that client meetings can get awkward as we may not be sure of what to say and when.

Here are some tips that can help make your clients comfortable and improve the experience for them and you!

Instead ofTry this
I don’t know…We can assist with XYZ…
You will have to…You may need to…
We can’t do that…We can help you with “a, b, c, and d…”
“Wait for a second” during client engagementGive an estimate of the time you require. Don’t ask the client to wait for a minute yet you will take a day to revert.
Using “NO” at the beginning of a sentenceConsider a more considerate response
SilenceEngage in a pleasant conversation 

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