Anne Mumbi


Anne Mumbi is an Associate at the Firm specializing in areas of practice such as corporate, commercial, real estate, intellectual property and private client matters. She has experience in advising local and international clients on corporate and commercial aspect through preparation of commercial benefit agreement, loan agreements and deed of indemnity. Anne also has an interest in drafting articles about current legal affairs in Kenya and advising client on estate planning.

Corporate and Commercial

Employment and Human Resources

Gratitude is a catalyst for growth

Intellectual Property

Assisted a local betting company to register assignment of trademarks at Kenya Industrial Property Institute.

Assisted a local retailer to renewal one of their trademarks, register a trademark at Kenya Industrial Property Institute and advised on the guidelines for the registration of a Kenyan trademark at the regional level.

Assisted a local property developer to register a trademark at Kenya Industrial Property Institute.

Real Estate Development

Private Clients