Webinar Alert | KPDA & FMC Advocates LLP

Webinar Alert | Exploring Technology and Data in the Built Sector: Safeguarding Your Projects for Success

FMC Advocates LLP & Kenya Property Developers Association

This November, 2nd 2023, we have partnered with the Kenya Property Developers Association to bring you a webinar titled Discover the Future of Data Privacy in Real Estate! 

We shall be discussing key topics such as

  • How data and technology are transforming the built environment.
  • Legal obligations under the Data Protection Act, 2019 for real estate professionals.
  • The pivotal role of the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in ensuring data privacy compliance in real estate.
  • Essential technical and legal measures for data law compliance within the sector.
  • Exploring the future of technology in real estate and the opportunities it presents for developers and industry professionals.

Register for the webinar using the link below


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